Parmelee Beagles

House Breaking

House breaking is definitely a challenge for many of us.  Hunter Blue was very easy to house break, Piper took a little more effort. Mocha was pretty quick. Shelby was a breeze! Just when you think you might be there, they have an accident.  Here are some things that have helped us:

          1. Be patient!  it can take time, but if you are consistent and patient, they will get it.

          2. Take your puppy out to its potty area every time it wakes up, eats, drinks, every couple of hours, after you've been playing for a little while....

          3. When your puppy goes potty where you want them to, praise them like mad!

          4. Be patient!

          5. For accident's, unless you catch them in the act, scolding won't do much good.  

          6. Consider investing in a spot cleaner if you have carpets, puppies also urp occasionally.

          7. Crate training can help with house breaking as many puppies do not like to go where they eat or sleep.

          8. Be patient!

          9. Puppies have very little control as they are young (see #2), they will start to be able to go longer and longer between potty breaks as they get older. 

          10. Doggy doors can be great if you have an outdoor area that is secured.  Don't be surprised if they think its great fun to take their toys outside and decorate your yard.

          11. Encourage your puppy to go before play time or before a walk, business first and then fun time.  Some puppies will stall to keep you out there with them as long as possible so teaching them to go on command can be a good idea, especially if it gets really cold where you live.

          12. Some friends have good success keeping a 6 foot leash tied to a belt and attached to the puppy so that they always know where the puppy is and can keep a close eye on them for signs of needing to go potty.

          13. Some trainers recommend hanging a bell on a door where the puppy is let out to do its business and teaching them to ring the bell to get your attention when they want out.

          14. When all else fails - A good enzyme cleaner for afterwards is highly recommended, there are many brands now available at most pet stores and at many grocery stores.  We've used Nature's Miracle with good success, there are many brands to choose from.

          15. If you can for the first few weeks your puppy is home, make sure you take them out 2-3 times in the middle of the night as well. The number of times can be reduced as the puppy learns to hold it. The more they go outside, the more they “get” that outside is where they should go.

Puppy Mantra:

G-d made them cute so you won’t kill them!